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Self love and gratitude journaling Day 1

Often finding areas of admiration for myself is challenging. A word of kindness I would use to describe a good friend initially comes up as a I brainstorm what I'm grateful about, but quickly my mind rewires itself to go the opposing more pessimistic way of describing myself. In a span of a thought completing, i convince myself why i can't be kind to myself.

Self love feels like a cheesy way to describe a rather powerful human ability to intrinsically reflect on ourselves. Self love is not only watching Rom-Coms, face masks, and comfort food. Although all those things are pretty amazing and they invoke good feelings.

Self love is self acceptance. Self love is surrendering. Self love is financial wellness. Self love is proactively viewing the turbulence of emotional suffering.

Sitting with a pen and paper to write out 3 things I'm grateful for is going to be an experiment i run for 21 days starting today. Of one of the 3 things, I will handpick at least 1 thing I am grateful for about myself.

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