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Trying something different

When in doubt, try something different. I read a blog written by Derek Sivers about how pursuing the difference. For example, when a goal you've set for yourself isn't being pursued by you, then go try something else. Go try something different. This applies to many things like - a career that isn't working out, a relationship that's emotionally a burden, etc.

Often things are better in practice than in theory. Practicing at least it gets you out of a state of wondering. See, it's easy to ponder in a fantasy world. It's easy to make play make believe. Heck... this is what we called play or fun when we were kids. Our imaginations do best in this state. Or so we think.

Executing on planned items helps uncover the stretch of possibilities that come with an idea. One step toward executing on trying the new thing will lead to the next and so on. The steps that come beyond the first few will enlighten you. You've never experienced them before, not even in thought.

It's now the end of the 1st month of the 2020 and it's an exciting time to try something different.

Stay tuned for what that may be.

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