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Living through plans

A new day begins and just like that the previous 24 hours has passed and a new set of 24 hours begins.

I've talked about clocks in a previous post and the unstoppable nature of time is alluring.

We fill our days with activities, usually activities appropriate for the day. So, on Monday - we grind, focus on our work, eat the meal prepped food we cooked on Sunday. Compared to on Saturday, we're slowing down, resting more, and planning entertaining activities that fill our day.

Expected behaviors on specific days is both fascinating and a bit intimidating when we realize that, that is all we do during our life. We schedule, we experience what we scheduled, we occasionally reflect on those experiences, and that's really about it. A new day begins shortly after we live through our plans from our previous one.

Or is there more to it than just experiencing what we've planned? Is there more meaning?

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