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Clocks and Humans

We wake up. Take care of our human needs in the restroom. Get ready to take on the day.

It's clockwork. As the clock ticks, we think, we move, we do things.

The clock continuously moves without attachment to any emotional or subconscious burden weighing down on it to stop ticking.

Unlike the clock, humans do stop. Whether it's consciously or not, we have an added complexity of stopping, pausing, or doing things that are facade to being human. We stop to think. We stop to reflect. We stop to evaluate. We stop because we feel paralyzed by the contents floating in our mind.

This isn't how clocks function. They keep moving. They keep ticking. They never stop, because that is what clocks are supposed to do. Then, why as humans do we stop doing human things. Why do we stop tending to our needs and find other needs that are artificial to our authentic ones.

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